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The WiMu is an exciting journey taken through the perspective of one product, wine, that transports the visitor through culture, conviviality, tradition, myths and rites, festivals, the joy of staying together, warmth, and hospitality. François Confino, the museum’s designer, presents it all in a thrilling and exciting context that is both adaptable and interesting to people from all walks of life. We propose unique services according to the diversity of our visitors, from students to families and from children to expert wine tasters.
If wine means warmth and hospitality, then all are welcome to the WiMu!


Guided visits
Confino envisioned a museum course that could be followed independently of a guide. However, guests also highly enjoy the guided visits that we offer. We do everything possible to make guided visits available during weekends and holidays. We suggest you call and reserve ahead of time to confirm availability for the date and time you wish to take a guided visit of the WiMu.

Audio guides
Available in English, French, and German.
Our audio guides help our visitors to enter the world of wine. The pace is flexible, and the listener may change and integrate the guides as he or she wishes.

Esploramuseo. A museum visit and games in one! For families and children 6-12 years old.
The museum visit and games kit is available at the ticket stand. Included are games, quizzes, objects to search for and details to discover along the museum course. Exploring the Wine Museum can become an adventure full of fun and games to share with Mom and Dad! Did you know you can even earn the Explorer’s Badge?

The Vinovago Trip: Fun and games … for adults!
Dedicato a chi vuole mettersi alla prova: giochi e quiz, domande e indovinelli aggiungono curiosità e approfondimenti, suscitano riflessioni e allargano un po' la visuale, naturalmente in modo divertente e scanzonato, ideale per piccoli gruppi di amici.


Guided visits (by reservation only)
This is the ideal approach for groups. The rich guided visit program helps groups of visitors take full advantage of what the Wine Museum has to offer.

Thematic visits (by reservation only)
The wine, the history! And what an incredible history it is: important figures, anecdotes, curiosities, and tales…
For those who wish to visit WiMu with a particular theme, whether individuals or groups, we have created several unique tours:

Wine and humankind have been entwined for centuries, from myth and legend to the rhythm of daily life. Wine has never been simply “something to drink,” and this tour shows why.

Women and wine
Wine is shown in a feminine light through the fascinating stories of the women behind this beverage, from Giulia di Barolo to the famous widow of the sparkling wines.

Uniting Italy and making Barolo
Wine and the Italian Risorgimento at the Barolo Castle – and thus the WiMu – combine history and ideas in unexpected ways. Some of the most important historical figures are connected directly or indirectly to both: Cavour, King Carlo Alberto, Louis Oudart, Silvio Pellico, and of course, the Falletti Marquis. History lovers will find the stories behind these personalities in the Barolo Castle fascinating.

All guided visits are by reservation only

Wine tastings
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