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The services

Feeling at home. Feeling comfortable. Thus the visit is way more beautiful.

Even who doesn’t like wine likes WiMu. That’s why it welcomes many visitors with many different needs.

The family with a stroller, the disabled person in a wheelchair, the large group waiting to leave for a visit, the school class, the group arriving from trekking, the visitor with a dog. We do our best to make everyone feel comfortable.

Tickets and info


Open every days from 10.30 a.m. until 7.00 p.m. last admission 6.00 p.m.

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Tel. +39 0173 386697


  • Audioguides

    Rental service is operative. Devices are sanitized after each usage.

    In Italian, English, French and German.
    € 3 in addition to the entry ticket.

  • Animals

    The access is allowed to small and medium-sized dogs, if kept on a leash and don’t bother other visitors. The access to large-sized dogs is under the museum staff decision.

  • Relax space

    The little winter garden can be used for a pause before completing the visit, to recharge oneself or to charge one’s smartphone.

  • Lockers

    At free service; free of charge.

  • Helmets and rucksacks storage

    They don’t fit in the lockers and can’t be brought in the museum.
    The museum staff will show you where to place them.

  • Bookshop

    At the ticket office; it is accessible also to who doesn’t visit WiMu.


  • Mums’ space

    A little but quiet space; a comfortable chair where mums can breastfeed; a corner where older siblings can draw (available albums and marker pens); adjacent changing table and toilets.

  • Changing table

    At the toilet of the ticket office and at the mums’ space, on the museum second floor.

  • Strollers parking

    The WiMu is totally accessible with strollers. If preferred, it can be left at the designated space.

  • Guides for families at WiMu

    A little handbook for families, to prepare and enjoy with pleasure:the visit experience:

    • some information about the museum and the castle
    • services and dedicated activities
    download it or ask for it at the ticket office




  • Rucksacks storage
  • Inside space for packed lunch

    By reservation, for seasons when it is not possible to stay in the open air:
    • room spacious for max 10 students: €40
    • room spacious for max 40 students: €60